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Traveling with Kids – Day Trip Travel Bag

As a family, we take a lot of day trips. We will take a trip to Miami or Memphis for the day. Traveling with kids can be a production within itself. So taking a day trip it is best to be prepared as much as you can.

When I know we are planning to take a day trip I ask myself the below questions:

Where are we going – This is important because I can gauge what kind of clothes to wear and have some sort of expectations or something to look forward to.

What’s the weather – Raining, Cold, Hot?

Mode of transportation- Booster Seat?

What will we be doing – Walking/Site seeing?

Time difference- What time will we get there?

Once I know the answer to all of these questions it makes it easier for me to pack for the day trip. Because I have determined the basics I can now begin to pack. I will say that most of the time the same items are packed it is just if we need to pack additional items.

Additional Items:

Traveling with Kids – What to Pack in A Day Trip Travel Bag

Extra clothes. I always pack additional items for the kids just in case (pants & shirts)

Snacks and water. If we are flying I usually wait and stop at a store after the flight

Jackets or Sweaters. It is usually always cold on a plane so this comes in handy. I still pack it if it is a car trip as well because some museums and restaurants can be cold

Umbrellas or Raincoats if rain is in the forecast

Extra phone charges/ Battery for camera

Booster seat. Most states require for kids under a certain age to use a booster seat. This is determined if we plan on renting a car or taking LYFT/UBER

The stroller is a necessity when walking around with Love. Again she does not like to walk for a very long time plus I can keep up with her.

Hand wipes/sanitizer

Tablet or books for entertainment (depending how long travel is)

Cash for purchases where I’m not comfortable using my card. We went to Miami to a festival and I always rather pay with cash since I will make purchases at different vendors.

Lotion/hand moisturize. We wash our hands a lot when traveling because we are touching so many things.

These are few things we can easily pack in a book bag and carry on a plan or store in the trunk of a car.   Taking a day trip to a museum, park, or any number of your favorite places can be easy and stress-free if you are prepared.

What items do you pack for short trips?