4 Ways I Teach My Black Daughter To Love Her Hair

I knew when I had a daughter I would want to teach her how to love her curly hair. Knowing how important and hard it is to love certain things about yourself when it may not be the most popular thing.

I remember being natural when I was young but, always getting my hair straighten usually on a weekly or biweekly basis. I don’t recall seeing to many of my family or friends wearing their hair in their natural state.

My mom, grandma, and aunts would either get relaxers or curls.

When I was int he 6th grade was the first time I got a relaxer. I continued that process until I had my last son at the age of 26. At that time I knew I wanted to stop getting perms so, I cut it and never looked back. In this post I speak about my 10 year natural hair journey.

Over the Years I learned how to care for my Natural Hair

4 Ways I Teach My Black Daughter To Love Her Hair


By showing her pictures and videos online of girls that look like her with different natural styles help. We read books with about loving natural mane. I’m also natural and that is the best representation that I can give her. She always says that our hair is the same or wants the style I have .

Involve Her

Letting her pick out what style she wants to wear helps her in taking pride in her beauty. She loves to tell me how many pony tails she wants or if she wants twist.  Keeping her involved is the easy part.


Building up her self confidence by giving her compliments and admiration. She loves to receive compliments about her looks and her hair. This is done by saying words of encouragement and affirmations daily.

Teach Her How To Protect It

Giving her instruction on how to protect her black hair. Teaching her not to let other touch or play in her hair. I also have shown her how to twist it or put it up if comes down when I’m not around.

Raising a black daughter has shown me many things that I want to teach her. She has always had a head full of hair and I knew as she got older I would have to teach her to embrace her hair. I would have to show her how her hair is part of her just like the rest of her body.

Do you have tips on teaching your daughter how to love her her black hair? Do you think it is important to teach black girls hair love? Here is link to some great books to share with read with your daughter about loving her hair.