Let me reintroduce myself. I turned 38 on October 14th and thought this would be a great time to reintroduce myself.

1.I’m silly (very silly)

2. I love hard

3. I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time-and I’m okay with it

4. I will never give up on being a better person daily

5. Boundaries are a must in my life

6. Constantly learning how to love me

7. Peace is a choice I choose daily

8. I have maybe 4 friends -lots of associates (know the difference)

9. Fear has held me back from being great (no longer going forward)

10. I have 4 of the most beautiful, amazing, and positive young humans

11. Im ok with letting go of things and people (this used to be hard for me)

12. My favorite numbers are 10 & 14

13. I’m an introvert (not shy and there is a difference)

14. I love crafts

15. My husband is my complete opposite

16. My favorite colors are black and blue

17. I have a thing for notebooks and pretty paper

18. Karma – I believe the energy you put out is what you get back

19. I have mom brain

20. I say affirmations daily

21. I’m the oldest child

22. I have chronic hives (urticaria)

23. I hate being cold

24. I love learning new things

25. I’m working toward being debt free

26. I have to have at least 7 hours of sleep

27. I could stay in the house all day (refer back to 13)

28. I want to travel the world

29. I’m a true Libra (October 14)

30. My favorite food is carbs

31. I’ve owned 2 other businesses

32. I love my gap in my teeth

33. I’m an early bird (3:30 am wake up)

34. I love being a mom

35. I hate liars

36. I am a good reader of people’s energy

37. I don’t believe in balance when it comes to life, just priorities

38. I observe everything

This is me at 38