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5 Lessons I Learned About Success While Overcoming My Fear

My husband and I went to Mexico City for a 3 day getaway (I will share more about the trip in another post). We made plans to visit Teotihuacan (an ancient Mesoamerican city located the Valley of Mexico) about an hour away from Mexico City. I researched the pyramids, viewed the pictures, and read up on the history online. But somehow I missed the part of how high and steep the pyramids were.

Just a little background there are two main pyramids ( The Pyramid of the Sun and The Pyramid of the Moon). But there are other small pyramids you can access.

We arrived and I see the different pyramids and this feeling of weakness went through my body. I immediately felt nauseated, scared, hot, cold, and nervous. Yep all of this at the same time. I realized how high these pyramids were, not only how high, but the stairs were steep. The stairs were made of stones and looked as if they were going straight up. You know how the stairs in your home go up at an angle, well these steps had very little angle.

Not only do I have to overcome my fear of heights, but  I also have keep my balance, hold my pee, and not cry. Yeah… that was my life each time we approach the different pyramids.

We get to the first pyramid (the smallest) and I begin to tremble. As I stand there trembling I thought of a hundred reasons why I should not climb up. I’m scared, what if I fall, I can’t do it, but in that same place I thought of the experience it would be to say I did it, how proud my husband would be seeing me not give up (and trust me he knew I was scared). I had to hurry up and make a decision to climb or not. I decided to climb, holding on tightly to my husband’s arm the entire way up and down.

I did it!!

I did it again and again, with the same fear and anxiety. Each time I required a little less help from AK. I remember coming down and I was actually crawling on my hand and knees. But I did it. I stood tall at the top of each one and took in the beautiful view.

Ok, so let me talk to you about this last pyramid (the largest) and most popular (The Pyramid of the Sun). This was my real test, I was tired, it was hot, and this pyramid was high (it had 4 levels). I thought hard on the first one, but on this one I thought really really hard.

Not only did I face my fears I did it my way and the end goal was obtained.

Climbing each pyramid challenged me mentally, emotionally, and physically. After each set of stairs to the top everyone would just stop to catch their breath.


It was one of the most physically challenging thing (outside of giving birth) that I have done in my life.

The Lessons:

  1. It will be hard and you will be scared, but you will be ok. I knew it would not be easy, but the fear that I have as I continue to go on this journey is real.  There is a quote ” If is was easy everyone would do it.”  And if you know me I don’t want to be like everyone else.
  2. You will need help. I needed a hand to make it up the pyramid and I will need help to get my business to the level I want it to be. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I am apart of groups via social media, my tribe, and my family all help me out in someway. It could be babysitting the kids, or helping me out with some business advise.
  3. Take it one step at a time. I have to remember that it’s not a race and to go slow and steady just like I climbed the stairs. There is only one me, and my time is split between working full-time, motherhood, wife duties, and me trying to have some kind of life outside of that. So it is important that I understand that I can not do it all at once, so I have to prioritize and take it one step at a time.
  4. Have confidence in yourself. This was the best lesson of them all. The more confident I was the more I was able to accomplish and I made it to the top. Just the simple belief that I could do it helped me achieve the goal. I pictured myself at the top and what it would feel like to show my kids the pictures of their momma facing her fear. Totally worth it. Pictures of success coming soon.
  5. Celebrate the small wins. When I made it to the top of the pyramids I celebrated. I was not up there jumping for joy but I did say some kind, and inspiring words to myself and gave myself a pat on the back. I need to learn to do this more often. Because when I think about all the things that I have accomplished, I could be a rock star. I have to give myself more credit for my small wins.

I love the fact I had to travel to Mexico to overcome my fear of heights. I would not have been satisfied if I would have given up and not climbed the pyramids. I am so glad I did, shaking and all.

What are your fears? How did you overcome them?


Peace & Blessings

-Porshia La’Shae