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6 Outdoor Running Safety Tips for Women

If you follow me on social media you already know how much I love running. Running is a form of self-care and therapy for me. It is a place where it is only me and all of my thoughts. I am able to alone in my own head. It gives me peace and makes me feel accomplished.

Run Girl Run!

I take pride in my runs (which are a combination of running and walking). I prefer to run outside when I can. The treadmill does not give me the same feeling as running outside does.

Morning runs are my thing, just like working out in the morning I can do it and its done. Usually when I run I run alone because I never really plan like I should.

I thought I would share some safety tips that I abide by when I run alone.

Outdoor Running Safety Tips for Women

  • No Headphones – I know that music motivates a lot of people during workouts, it motivates me. I try not to run with music or noise so that I can hear the environment around me. I like the sounds of life as I run. But running with music can be a big distraction and can have you miss upcoming danger. If you decide to run with music, have it turned low enough were you can still hear the sounds around you and/or run with one out of your ear.
  • Tell Someone – Let someone you know and trust know your route you will run. Give them some details about how long it may take you to run and return home. Check in when your run is complete.
  • Protection – Carry something you can use to defend yourself. I carry pepper spray as a defense tool. I know some women who care blades, knives, and even a gun when they run along. Whatever you choose make sure it is somewhere you can get to easily and it is ready for use.
  • Different Routes – Try to switch up your running routes. This way you don’t get in the habit of running the same area each time. Mix it Up.
  • Say Hi or Acknowledge People – This is one thing that I do each and every time I run. Usually the areas I run there are other runners. I make sure to make eye contact and speak by a quick wave or just hi. My thinking is they see me and I see them. I will say that some don’t speak back, and I am ok with it.
  • Listen To Your Intuition – Listen to what your gut is telling you. If you think or feel unsafe please go to a different location, run inside, or skip your run that day. Never allow yourself to be in an unsafe situation or ignore the what your gut is telling you.

Running is a great full body workout and can be peaceful for many. These tips have helped me stay safe while running. I also enjoy running with groups in my local area. Even with running with groups you still should implement safety practices.

Women’s Running has some additional safety tips.

Hopefully theses tips help you on your next run.