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Our Trip to the Aztec Pyramids in Mexico (Teotihuacan)

We recently took a trip to Mexico for 3 days. We have a plan of visiting every pyramid on earth and Mexico City was the first on list. I can not tell you how amazed I was when we arrived. The pyramids are beautiful. To see something so marvelous that was built by had and still standing kept me in amazement. The colors that were added to the homes and understanding the way of life was a very humbling, yet educational experience. to find out more about the history of Teotihuacan visit here.


How Did We Get There:

Mexico City “Norte” bus terminal via Taxi from our hotel

Purchase your ticket at Autobuses Teotihuacan terminal (you will have a time on your ticket and that is the time you will leave)

*** Please note you must have the correct currency (they will not take American dollars). There is a currency exchange in the bus station

Buses leave every 15 minutes (if you have questions please just ask about the pyramids-someone will get you to the right location)

The bus makes several stops on the trip. It is about a 1 hour bus ride…this includes entertainers. (At some of the stops there were police monitoring the stops. At one of the stops a police officer got on and walked the bus).

The bus driver will announce several times your arrival at the pyramids

Make sure you purchase your tickets at the entrance ($4.50 usd)

There will be several shops at the entrance (buy water)

We did not get a tour guide but it could be helpful to understand the history of the site

You can climb the pyramids at your own pace (be mindful of the heights and altitude) The stairs of the pyramids are really steep

On the way, out you will pass several vendors where you can purchase trinkets, snacks, and drinks.

When you exit you will have to wait for the bus again. This was really confusing because there are no markings or signs to indicate exactly where to wait. Make sure you get on the right bus back to the Central del NTE. It is a 1st come 1st serve. If you did not buy round trip tickets you can pay the driver.

Hope this helps with getting from Mexico City to the pyramids. Are you planning a trip to Mexico? If you already went how did you like it?