Finding the Right Car Seat Tips

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Finding the right car seat is not as easy as people think. Car seats are not one size fits all. It takes research to find out which car seat is right for your child and your car.

We were on the hunt for a new car seat for Love. She had out grown her current car seat and it was time for new car seat.

Tips for Finding the Right Car Seat

  • Know your state or city car seat laws
  • Know what kind of seat you need (rear facing, forward facing, booster seat) and what is compatible with your vehicle. Use the Car Seat Check search on to find information on your vehicle and car seats.
  • Research and compare different car seats

Based on hours of research we decided to go with a high back booster seat for Love.

Why A Booster Seat

  • Based on her age and weight (the seat is great for kids 30-100 pounds)
  • Grows with the child (can be used up until the age of 12)
  • Forward facing


  • Read all instructions (the seat I selected we had to put parts of the seat together)
  • Place in the back seat of the car and ensure it fits securely and flat in the vehicle seat.
  • Have your child test the seat out. Check the lap and shoulder belts to make sure they fit snug (make adjustments as necessary)

I think we made the right choice in our selection for Love. It makes her feel like a big kid while keeping her safe.

No matter what stage your child is at it is important that you find the right car seat for your child. shares a lot of good information on finding the right car seat, car seat safety, and getting help in your area for making sure your car seat is installed correctly.

I know as a parent my number one goal is to keep my kids safe. I do this by making sure we practice safety in and out of the car.