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8 Tips for Drive-In Movies with Kids

Have you been to a drive-in movie with the kids before?

I know as a family we really enjoy a good movie. I will be honest that up until recently I had not been to the movies in years. I think with in the last few months I have been at least 5 times. I make this a family event and take the kids to enjoy a good moving and popcorn.

Gotta have the popcorn!


Recently we decided to take our love for movies to a drive-in. You know the huge movie screen and where you sit in your car to listen to the movie. Yep! The drive-in was playing a double feature The Avengers and Black Panther.  Have you ever been to the a drive-in?

I picked up pizza and let the kids get snacks out of the store. I filled my car up with gas and we were on our way.

The drive-in that we went to is about 45 minutes from our house. We picked the perfect day to go because the weather was really nice. We got there around 6:30 pm and the movie did not start until around 8:00 pm. That was ok because this particular drive-in had a playground for the kids to play. So, Love was able to play with the smaller kids and the boys played football with the older kids. I was able to get familiar with the environment while they played, like mapping out where the restrooms and concession was.

8 Tips for Drive-In Movies with Kids

Go Early

Getting there early was the best thing. I was able to get a good parking spot in front of the screen and close to the play area. I had time to survey the location and the things around. I was able to chat it up with the other movie goers before the movie started.

Cash Only

Most drive-in movies do not accept credit cards. They are a cash ran business. This particular one did have an ATM for use. But cash is still king in the drive-in movie world.

Bring your own food and snacks

Most drive-in movies will allow you bring in outside food. I did find one in my area that did not allow it. But if you are able to take your own snacks, food, and drinks.

Bring blankets and jackets

The later in the evening it got the cooler the weather got. This is where the blankets and jackets came in handy. Also if you have a van or suv you can open the back and lay out using the blankets.

Bring a battery operated radio

This location did not have the speakers next to the cars so you either had to turn on your car radio or you could rent a radio. If you have a battery operated radio that would be perfect, so you don’t have to use your car battery throughout the entire move and you can save money.

Dress comfortable

Remember you will either be sitting in a car for the entire movie or in a lawn chair. I wear a pair of yoga pants and a long sleeve tee.


Check the weather before going to a drive-in movie. I like to go in the spring and summer months because the kids can get out of the car without the weather being to bad.

Have fun and enjoy the movie

I prefer to go when it is a double feature. That way we can see two movies for the price of one. I also like that we can discuss the movie, chew as loud as we want, laugh loud because we are in our car and not in a movie theater.

Turn Up the Volume!

When the movie started the boys sat on the field and Love and I sat in the car. We had to turn the radio to a specific station to hear the movie. Y’all this was great! I have a good set of speakers in my car so it sounded like I was sitting in surround sound. Half way through the movie the boys joined us in the car.

We only got through one movie. The Avengers was a really long movie and was over around  11:00 pm.

Would you like to check out a drive-in movie near you? Check out this link, or this link or even this link to find a drive-in.