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Waiting on Perfection

  Have you waited to do something because the timing was not perfect?  Or when you get in a certain situation you will do this or that?  Have you put off your goals or dreams because you everything was not the way you thought it should? I have… Yep I have let years go by,…

Making Time to Workout

I love when people ask me how I am able to exercise with working full time, having 4 kids, and starting a business. It really is all about managing my time and exercising when it best for me and my family. I am an early morning person and like to get up early and get…

Half Marathon Training – Week 1

I made it a goal to run a ½ marathon by my 36th birthday in October.  Each week I will share my lessons learned during my training. I am using the Coach option on the Nike running app. The week starts on a Sunday and each day the app tells you how many miles you…

My Current Favorite Running App

      Running is my therapy and it makes me happy on all kinds of levels. Tracking my runs are important to me because it helps me see my progress or lets me know that I am not running.  I currently have Nike Plus and the Map My Run apps downloaded on my phone….

June 2015 – I Can & I Will

We made it to June. The month that summer officially starts, father’s day, and the last days of school, Oh Happy June. So many wonderful days ahead to celebrate,  enjoy time with family, explore outdoors, and travel.   June I Can & I Will Goals Mental Meditate for 5 minutes daily Read at least 2…