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Work Out – Drink Water

This post is sponsored … all opinions are my own.  Work Out – Drink Water If you have been following me on for a while you know I have been trying to get my healthy lifestyle together. I really did not realize how important water would be to that journey. I was putting a lot…

Busy Moms: 5 Must Have Pieces for Your Home Gym

Being a busy mom, can sometimes limit the time we have to get out of the house without the kids. With all of the 5 million things we do each day making time to workout can be hard. It can be even harder trying to get out and get to the gym. That is why…

4 Ways I Teach My Black Daughter To Love Her Hair

I knew when I had a daughter I would want to teach her how to love her curly hair. Knowing how important and hard it is to love certain things about yourself when it may not be the most popular thing. I remember being natural when I was young but, always getting my hair straighten…

Feeling Myself

Lately I have been really feeling myself and recognizing all of my accomplishments over the last two years. I have worked really hard and deserve to celebrate. Accomplishments in the last 2 years: Received my Bachelors degree Earned 2 job promotions with pay raises Went to a conference for 3 days without knowing anyone Ran…

8 Ways to Avoid Workout Boredom

Trying to avoid workout boredom is a real thing. This fitness life is truly a commitment that I plan on sticking with. One of the biggest issues I have with working out is that it sometimes gets boring to me. I don’t want to run anymore or I don’t want to take this class again….