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6 Outdoor Running Safety Tips for Women

If you follow me on social media you already know how much I love running. Running is a form of self-care and therapy for me. It is a place where it is only me and all of my thoughts. I am able to alone in my own head. It gives me peace and makes me…

Busy Moms: 5 Must Have Pieces for Your Home Gym

Being a busy mom, can sometimes limit the time we have to get out of the house without the kids. With all of the 5 million things we do each day making time to workout can be hard. It can be even harder trying to get out and get to the gym. That is why…

8 Ways to Avoid Workout Boredom

Trying to avoid workout boredom is a real thing. This fitness life is truly a commitment that I plan on sticking with. One of the biggest issues I have with working out is that it sometimes gets boring to me. I don’t want to run anymore or I don’t want to take this class again….

Play Like A Kid and Get Healthy

I love the summer. It is my most physically active time of the year. I really enjoy getting outside with my family by going to the park and doing some kind of activity. I grew up in a time where going outside from sunrise to sunset was normal. We played softball, hopscotch, hide and seek,…