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November Goals

Peace Goal Getters, Goals… Goals… Goals.  I am getting so much better at setting goals, and getting things done. I wanted to share a few of my November goals.  For the last few months I have lost focus and did not set any goals… sooo I decided to set November off the right way. Blog/Social…

Making Time to Workout

I love when people ask me how I am able to exercise with working full time, having 4 kids, and starting a business. It really is all about managing my time and exercising when it best for me and my family. I am an early morning person and like to get up early and get…

My Current Favorite Running App

      Running is my therapy and it makes me happy on all kinds of levels. Tracking my runs are important to me because it helps me see my progress or lets me know that I am not running.  I currently have Nike Plus and the Map My Run apps downloaded on my phone….

Getting Out of Debt: Budgeting Tools

First, let me say that I am in DEBT!! I have credit card debt, a car payment, student loans, a 401K loan, shoot, I may even owe you 🙂 (LOL). But, for real I are in debt and I want to live a debt free life, stay at home with my kids, and travel. So…

20 Random Facts About Me

GETTING PERSONAL: My Intro This blog is about me and everything and everyone I love so why not share some random facts about myself. 1. I am a mother of 4 (ages 18,16,9,and 2). 2.  I use to be ashamed that I was a teenage mother. 3. I love the colors black and blue. 4. I want 1…