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2017 Word of the YEAR

This year I will add more focus onto the things I want. That is why I chose for MANIFEST for my 2017 word. I will be mindful of my thoughts and actions. I will manifest the things I need, want, and desire. Did you pick a word for 2017?   45d764052a5c4906f631181ecaff749bf43b9e3b7ba06d8909

Kids, Chores, & Money

When I was trying to come up with a way to teach Ty (10 year old) about money, the first thing I thought was he really does not have any money. Yeah, he will receives money as gifts for his birthday or for doing well in school. But outside of that, he does not receive…

March Plans

I know we are already eight days into March and I am just sharing this. But March is going to be different for me because I have goals that actually scare me.  I set goals to get me out of my comfort zone. They are things that I have talked about doing for months or…

5 Lessons I Learned About Success While Overcoming My Fear

My husband and I went to Mexico City for a 3 day getaway (I will share more about the trip in another post). We made plans to visit Teotihuacan (an ancient Mesoamerican city located the Valley of Mexico) about an hour away from Mexico City. I researched the pyramids, viewed the pictures, and read up on the…

Relationship Goals {5 Ways Nurture Your Friendships}

Just like any relationship, friendships should be nurtured. Being a busy working mom it can be hard to maintain friendships due of the lack of time we get to spend together. Almost 90% of my friends are mothers and wives who have similar family responsibilities. Before the husbands, and kids we had the free time to…