Amani ya Juu

Representation in the imagines that she sees and toys she plays with are very important to me. I really want her to be proud of who she is in every way including the color of her skin. I do my best to make sure she is aware that there are differences in everyone and one difference does not make them better than the next person.

When I give the opportunity to receive an Amani ya Juu doll, I was ecstatic. You see, Loves very first doll I purchased was made in the same way this doll was. I knew she would love Amani ya Juu doll. When we received the doll and she saw it her eyes got bright and she had to go get the other doll. This doll is special, I told her as I explained the history of the doll.


Amani is nonprofit that is committed to holistic development in women. Gorgeous African materials are used to create amazing home goods and accessories, such as handbags, home décor, and children’s items. The women are from Kenya, Uganda, and Liberia.

How Can You Help:

Shop, Shop, Shop.  Visit the site at to see all the beautiful products.

Donate, any amount is welcomed

Volunteer by hosting a Amani Box Party

I am thankful that Love received this beautiful doll she has named Luna.

The doll comes with a baby attached to her back. This doll has some of the best craftmanship that I have seen in a hand sewn doll. Every stitch is perfect. The colorful dress makes the doll stand out from other dolls. It also makes a really great doll to travel with. She loves to have a traveling companion and she has taken Luna on many car rides. I think she may be ready for a flight.

I was able to support an awesome non profit and get Love a doll that looked like her which makes this a win win situation.

Please take a moment and check out the website for some more great products and to read the story at