8 Ways to Avoid Workout Boredom

Trying to avoid workout boredom is a real thing. This fitness life is truly a commitment that I plan on sticking with. One of the biggest issues I have with working out is that it sometimes gets boring to me. I don’t want to run anymore or I don’t want to take this class again.

Have you ever felt that way?

I have been feeling more of this lately and it has almost forced me to quit. I know it sounds crazy but I need to be stimulated to stay motivated. Whatever I do it has to be able to keep my attention so I don’t wonder off in my own head.

So, I came back to the drawing board to figure out ways I could stay more focused and engage with my workouts. This is to help me stay consistent and able to reach my healthy lifestyle goals

Tips for When Your Workout Gets Boring

Buy New Workout Clothes

Yep!! That’s right! I recently went to Marshalls and purchased me 3 new workout outfits. This really made me feel good and look good. Please keep in mind that I have not purchased workout clothes in over a year and half, so it was time.  I was really happy to break in my new workout gear and I worked out harder (mind tricks).

Workout at a Different Location

I actually have two gym memberships so, I kind of alternate between the two locations. Each location offers something different  so depending how I feel or the time I have determines which location I go to.  I also enjoy to workout at home and outside at the park. Having a different surrounding can motivate you in different ways.

Plan Your Workouts

Planning my workouts has really helped me stay focused. Before I would go and just wing it on what kind of workout I felt like doing that day. Now with having my workout plan I know exactly what I will be doing and it takes away the stress of the unknown. Plus I workout more intently and harder.

Get a Workout Partner

Having a partner and someone to hold you accountable is great. A workout partner can keep you focused and push you to work harder.

Try a New Class

I was sticking to the classes I know with the same instructors. Once I stepped out of my class comfort zone and tried something different it was awesome. I learned about new exercises and worked parts of my body I did not know existed.

Refresh Your Workout Playlist

Adding new music to your playlist can be a lifesaver. When running on the treadmill and trying not to focus on the time is when having a good playlist is king. Music is a great addition to having a successful workout.

Download New Apps

I have a few different apps downloaded for fitness. I use the Nike app for workouts that I can do at home. I also use an app to track my calories and set a goal for each workout. It is like having a coach to push me.

Set a New Goal

I know  when I have a goal in mind that keeps me focused and working out consistently. I have set goals on reaching a certain amount of miles for a week. Or even longer term goal of training for a marathon.


I am still learning that working out does not have to boring. There are so many ways I can get my workout in either in the gym or outside doing an activity I love like riding my bike. I had to think outside of the box so I can truly enjoy this change and journey.