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6 Tips How To Turn Stressful Mornings Into Positive Days

The busyness  of the day can bring in stress. The seasons have changed the holidays are approaching fast. The mornings are just so hectic with everything that is going on. Life. That’s right life is constantly happening along with constant change. Mornings can set the tone for the rest of the day. That is why it is helpful to know how to turn stressful mornings into positive days.

6 Tips – How to Turn Stressful Mornings Into Positive Days

Prep the Night Before: This is the best thing ever! It really helps if I have all of my clothes, meals, and schedule for the week planned out. This takes a lot of my plate in the morning, I’m not running around stressed worried about what I am going to wear or eat. I know what I have coming up for the week, I know where everyone needs to be and if I need to enlist help I can.

Meditation & Movement: Incorporating that stillness of meditation is really important for me. It helps me focus my thoughts and calm my mind. Also by exercising or moving my body in some form it helps me release some tension and stress that may have been left over from the prior day. It can also give me a boost of energy that I need for day.

Nourishment: By feeding my body with good healthy food it gives it fuel for the day. I will not be hangry walking around or dealing with the days challenges.

Affirmations or Positive Thoughts: Practice starting each day by putting positive thoughts and words into the universe. Make it know what you want to attract with saying affirmations. This can be as simple as saying “Today is going to be great.”

Avoid Your Phone: Yes, I said avoid your phone. The phone has so much of my life on it from social media, work emails and calendars. It can also cause stress, by receiving an email from work, or seeing negative news via social media.

Music: I think everyone can relate that music is good for the soul. Create a morning playlist that you can play in the mornings that will motivate you to have a great, energetic day.

These are all tips I use to add some positivity into my mornings to make my day less stressful. Do you have any tips or things you do to turn a stressful morning int a positive day?