5 Reasons To Use A Facial Roller

Have you ever purchased something and not really know how to use it? I did. I purchased a facial roller because I had seen others show it on social media and I thought how cool. I knew all about the healing properties of the different stones but I did not know how to use the thing.

I’m all into trying something new to help my skin and body look and feel better. The older I get the more I am leaning into learning about taking better care of me. I want my skin to be age graceful and hide my true age.

I have never gotten a facial which I understand has a lot of benefits but never really looked into it .. maybe I should. But in the meantime I will try out a facial roller and incorporate a facial routine.

I have seen both a jade and rose quartz facial rollers on the market. I found the rose quartz facial roller at Marshalls and decided to grab it. You can also find them on Amazon.

Jade is believed to relax the nervous system and remove toxins from the skin.

Rose Quartz is believed to heal the heart and lower stress, raise self-esteem and balance emotions.

5 Benefits to using a facial roller

  1. Cools and calms skin
  2. Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  3. Improve skin elasticity
  4. Eliminate toxins
  5. Improves blood circulation

These benefits along with the benefits of the gemstone can be great. Once I was ok with what benefits the roller provided I need to understand how to use it. My first instinct was to just roll it all over my face. That is true but with further research I saw that you should do it in different motions. See I was just rolling with no intentions. I like to add intentions to everything I do now. So understanding the motion I was rolling in and why was an eye opener.

The roller usual comes with two sized rolling gemstones on each end. I have seen rollers with one but usually they have two. The smaller end is for the getting around and under the eyes and other smaller parts of the face. The larger end is for the rest of the face.

How to Use a Facial Roller

My favorite way to use it is down and gentle movement. Starting at the top of my forehead working my way down my chin and neck. You can also be more vigorous and use it upward. Both ways have different benefits, maybe use both methods but be very intentional using it. I have begun to say different phrases of self love and affirmations while using it.

You can also use oils and creams in addition to the roller. I don’t use anything additional, but I have put my roller in the refrigerator to keep it cold when I’m ready to use. I have read that it should be cold with each use. Make sure you clean it after every use… I usually use a warm towel to wipe clean.

Do you need one? I think that is up to you and your goals. Would I recommend it. YES!! It really feels really good on your face and makes me happy 🙂