4 Great Ways I Back Up Pictures

Are you like me and always taking pictures all the time. I got a phone or a camera in my hand (sometimes both) taking pictures.  I take random pictures around the house, when we go out to an event, or just because I think they look cute. Yep I’m that mom who is always taking pictures…. for them to stay in my phone or on the camera’s memory card.

I found an old phone with over 1,000 pictures/videos on it from the time Love was born until she was around 2 years old. I know this is terrible. I had to find a better way to get my photo life together. It was ridiculous to think about not having those pictures.

Places to Store Your Pictures

  1. The Cloud – Sounds like a magical place in the sky right. Cloud storage is a service that backups data and maintains it remotely.  I have Dropbox set to have all of my pictures from my phone to go to my Dropbox cloud. There are many other cloud options that you can select from, see a list here.
  2. External Hard Drive – This is a portable storage device that can be plugged into your computer to save data. You can find this at any store such as Target, Bestbuy, or Amazon that sells computers and equipment.
  3. Email – I know this is way out of the box. But I have several pictures that I want my kids to have when the are older. I set up an email address with their name and I email them the photos. I add a quick note about the photo (such as place, event, date).
  4. Print – I print the pictures out to have around the house. I also have picture albums that I store the pictures in. I love to have something I can touch so this works for me. You can also use a picture/photo book service to make a nice book with all of the pictures like Chatbooks and Snapfish.

I have all of my pictures sent the to cloud and then I save it to my external hard drive. I then can print from there. I enjoy taking pictures of my kids and sharing them. You can also use social media as a place to store your pictures. I know I always go back to Instagram to see a picture from a year ago.

What ways do you store your family pictures?