4 Fall Tips for House Plant Care

I have grown a love affair with houseplants. I think I have purchased at least 6 new houseplants this summer and they are still thriving. Taking care of houseplants in the fall is different from the fall.

Fall is in the Air

I live in North Carolina so it does not get cold like New York but the weather definitely changes. With the changing of the weather outside it also means the changing of the weather inside.

Fall means that it is cooler, so we are bringing out the jackets and keeping the house a warmer. Bring out the sweaters and flannel is a great indication that your houseplant care routine needs to be change.




  • Check that temperature above 55-60 degrees. Most tropical plants don’t like cold air. Remember to move them away from windows and doors that may have a draft.
  • Keep the light source consistence: This may mean that you may have to move you plants to different areas around the house. If you have plants that are currently outside… it’s time to bring them in.
  • Water: Keep an eye on the water needs of plants during fall. The dry air from the heat and/or fireplace can dry out the soil but not as much as summer, so you may need to back up off the water. Do a quick weekly finger test to see if it needs to be hydrated.
  • Humidity: This can be the death of all plants. This can be easily taken care by misting plants a few times a week.

I plan to keep my houseplants for years to come. They are such a huge part of my selfcare, so it is really important that I learn to take care of them.

Do you have houseplants? If so are you prepared to take care of them for the changing of the seasons? Share some of your tips.