3 Back to School Tips for Working Moms

With the end of summer, comes the beginning of a new school year. It can be  stressful, excited, and time-consuming. It can be a huge shift in your family’s daily schedule. Below are some tips that have helped me navigate from the beginning to the end of school with working a full-time job and being mom.

  1. Get a Routine Set: Establishing a school routine will make the first day of school go smooth. Routines helps ease the anxiety for both kids and parents.
  • Set a bedtime
  • Have a morning routine together
  • Plan your driving route for drop off and pick ups

Tip: Practice the routine for a few days/weeks before school starts. It will not only help if you need to make some adjustments but will also help the kids know what to expect.

  1. Plan Weekly
  • Write down important dates, appointments, workout scheduled, and school activities
  • Plan weekly meals, and lunches on the weekends
  • Wash and iron clothes for the week. Plan outfits for each day

Tip: Use the google calendar to keep up with appointments and activities by setting up colors for each group.

  1. Do Not Over Commit.
  • Choose a few things/events that you can give attend or support and stick with those

Tip: Sometimes it is easier to donate money than time. Pick and choose what is most important for you and your family to donate time and for others you may choose to donate money (if that is an option).

Hopefully you can incorporate the above tips and have an amazingly awesome school year.


With Love,

Porshia La’Shae