10 Years Natural

YAY! Today I celebrate 10 years of my natural hair journey. I chose to stop getting perms after I had my last son. I had him March 2006 and for the next nine months I did not perm or put any heat in my hair. On November 18, 2006 I could not take the different textures of hair anymore. So I decided to cut all my straight ends off of my hair. I had the best TWA (teeny weeny afro) EVER.

This experience has been full of self-love and learning. When I went natural I got a lot of feedback back (and not always in a good way). Self-love got me through the days of wanting to give up and go back to my straight permed hair. Learning kept me trying every product on hair.

I tried everything from curl activator to homemade products. I have had my hair straighten two times. It was five years ago since I I had my hair  straighten. It was so hard for me to get my curl pattern back I decided not to straighten it again. Three times I cut my hair. The last time was within the last year and it was because my hair was damaged.  So with this being my 10 year natural hair anniversary I am starting a journey to my have my best healthy hair.

My Best Healthy Hair Journey Pledge 

I pledge to love my hair. I pledge to nourish myself inside and outside to promote and encourage healthy hair. I will give her attention with some good scalp massages, end trims, and professional help. I will not play or over manipulate her. I pledge to fall in love with my hair.

I have decided to start documenting the next chapters in my natural hair journey with video. I will also share my daughter’s journey. Stay tuned!


Peace & Blessings